24 Allure on boardwalk

In Rio de Janeiro, everybody knows each other. Girls and duty modettes, they make part of the same class. It was known for sure that sisters Maria and Bel Teixeira de Mello would create fashion. ""everybody already knew we were going to make something related to the fashion universe, we were already a reference in style"", says Maria, 27 years old, one of TM founders, the brand was created together with Bel one year ago. Carioca gems, only up to page two. That beach babe style does not convince the girls. It's more related to ""chic women and connected to what happens in fashion"". Think of exclusive pieces, well cut, unique prints, leather, embroidered chamois... TM creations prefer a nice high heel shoe, weather from Dias Ferreira or Oscar Freire. When Maria studied fashion business in New York city, Bel, 25 years old, leaned on the subject in Milan, and she went through the style of Isabela Capeto. Bel is who designs, but this sisters are more like the Olsen sisters and they do everything in their business, from inspirations to financial affairs. ""We make part of every process, we nose around into each other's function"", they say, by unison. TM is a successful brand and their collections are sold out quickly in multi-brand stores such as Nag Nag. Quietly, the girls promise to leave Rio de Janeiro's people increasingly proud - and well dressed. RG Magazine| March 2013